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Kylie Minogue’s tour

CANTI loves the nightlife and its charm. Wherever there is a party and music is its perfect setting. For this very reason CANTI could not resist participating as the official wine partner to Kylie Minogue’s tour. An extraordinary show that brought together over 200,000 fans across 14 locations in UK and Ireland. With her grit and charm, Kylie truly expressed her love for CANTI Prosecco, inviting her fans to do the same.

The best music for our Italian style.

Trade launch New York

For CANTI’s media launch in the New York market, the winery selected LOCANDA VERDE, an exclusive restaurant location known for its refinement and welcoming atmosphere.
The entire restaurant was dressed in CANTI diamonds with a distinctive touch that immersed patrons in its brand experience. Journalists from the most important magazines dined with Gianni Martini who told the brand’s story and hinted at what his dreams for the future are. The event inspired and delighted the participants, and the media results from it marked an important step forward for CANTI.

Fashion events in Melbourne

CANTI PROSECCO DOC MILLESIMATO has seduced Australia, and its elegant positioning has found a welcoming home down under. Besides numerous premium event sponsorships such as the Melbourne Cup, CANTI has displayed its very best at the series of exclusive fashion events organised by David Jones.
At the end of August, CANTI entertained the guests of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, offering an occasion to toast during the presentation of new collections.
In September, CANTI was present at the triumph of colors and perfumes of the David Jones Flower Show, which was followed by an unmissable event that CANTI had previously supported in other countries, the Vogue Fashion Night Out, a special occasion for all lovers of fashion and style.

Estelle’s “True romance” launch

CANTI partnered with NeueHouse and Estelle to celebrate the launch of her new album ‘True Romance’ on September 3. The event hosted Gilt City NYC and Gilt Noir Members, NeueHouse members and top press, VIPs and industry invitees.
Guests enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres and CANTI Prosecco in the beautiful surroundings of the NeueHouse Library while Estelle treated them to an exclusive performance of her hit ‘American Boy’ followed by three songs from the all new album.
Following her performance, a Q&A was hosted with the star by Danyel Smith, formerly of Billboard and VIBE, allowing guests an insight into Estelle’s new album and the inspiration behind it.

It has been a huge exclusive party perfectly leaded by CANTI’s charme.

Grape festival

In August, the Magnificat animated itself with the enthusiasm surrounding the yearly fete that the Martini family dedicates to its associate providers, true beating heart of the company. The happening was a special one, the celebration of 20 years of the yearly event that brings together the over 1000 farmers that make the company successful through their work.
On Jazz and Lounge notes, the guests partook in an aperitivo before participating in a debate with industry authorities and the company.
The celebration was made unforgettable by the last presence of Laura Stella, Gianni’s mother and Secondo Martini’s wife, founder of the company.

The hero of New York summer

New York’s summer had CANTI as its star for the most exclusive events. In order to position the brand in a super-premium category, only the very best summer events were selected for sponsorship. In July, DAN’S GRILL HAMPTON opened the season setting the stage for 2500 restaurateurs and VIPs to have a taste of the CANTI PROSECCO experience.
CANTI was also present at all the events of the GUILD HALL SERIES, which saw the attendance of great stars and a celebration of fashion, food, design and art.
Every toast had the distinctive Italian flavour of Canti, and the celebrations were enriched by the sophisticated touch that only CANTI can bring.

Tasting parties China

Chinese culture is in many ways very distant from western traditions, and the approach to wine is also different than that in Europe. For this reason, it’s important to emphasise both the values and approach to wine alongside its oenological qualities.
Canti understands this well and constantly invests in tastings that allWow to build a whole world and experience for consumers to bond with. Every event has been constructed as a glamorous party that showcases CANTI’s style and aspirational world for guests to touch, experiment with and taste. Success has been extraordinary and has brought CANTI’s Italian soul to the heart of China.

Fireworks for Canti launch in China

Last March will be remembered by many Chinese winelovers as a historical moment. It was then, in fact, that CANTI was at center stage for its magnificent launch party organised together with the new Chinese importer. The Chinese already knew the brand – present on the market since 2007 – however the collaboration with this new partner has marked a new beginning possessed of renewed enthusiasm.
Over 400 distributors from every corner of China came together in Putian for an event that lasted two days.
In order to enforce the brand’s positioning and its strong Italian values of quality, elegance class and style, nothing was left to chance.
An exclusive international location was setup with red carpet-worthy details. A two-meter tall diamonds logo was recreated in 3D, all the bottles and visuals were encased like true works of art, and a laser display welcomed visitors with a futuristic flair.
The stage was set with a show of musical entertainment and dance performances from different countries and continents. Maxi screens with touch capabilities displayed the CANTI world, and the golden doors of Imperial China opened at its passage. It was a celebration to remember that brought with it excellent results.

Sochi Games Sponsorship

A great brand cannot be absent during great events, and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have surely been a unique event that CANTI has presided as the official wine sponsor. Medal winners toasted on the podium with CANTI PROSECCO DOC MILESIMATO and CANTI ASTI DOCG MILLESIMATO. In Casa Russia, alongside the presence of CANTI products, a maxi screen continuously projected a CANTI advertisement that presented the magic and pathos of the CANTI vineyards, its products and the allure of its design.
A winning brand for winners!

Making the Commercial

The media planning for the campaigns four different formats – 45”, 30”, 15” and 5”- has been substantial strategically placed in primetime and high-share slots on main networks including ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, as well as Sky channels. A summer advertising flight was followed by continued presence until October and further bolstered by additional holidays season flights in November and December.

In order to maximise the campaign’s impact with a premium target, a cinema
circuit flight was launched in December around the projection of Oscar hopeful films. England’s nights have never been the same following CANTI’s Italian touch.


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