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Note: The Mediterranean coastline, ancient farmlands and whitewashed houses of Puglia are the backdrop to the vineyards where our grapes are grown. Appassimento is a rich wine made using the traditional method of leaving the grapes on the vine to over-ripen. The late harvest encourages the natural development of higher sugar content and sometimes the addition of botrytis will give added nuances and intensity to the finished wine. Our skilled winemakers blend varieties to create a unique wine with an alluring character, Gran Passero Appassimento. Characteristics: Deep, intense red in the glass with a bouquet reminiscent of summer flowers on a hot Mediterranean evening and fresh, ripe berry fruits. On the palate the wine smooth and velvety with an enveloping, luxurious finish. By allowing the grapes to wither on the vine, the sugars concentrate, the colour intensifies, and the aromas deepen. Cellar-aged, Gran Passero Appassimento can reach its full potential, maturing to a complex, vibrant wine. Allow your senses to explore the bouquet and taste, this wine can be enjoyed on its own or with food. Rich and tasty dishes, ragus and mature cheeses are all excellent accompaniments.


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