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Our Cellars

Magnificat – our Fine Wine Cellar

Canti’s cellar, where our wines are aged before being released for sale, it is Cathedral-like in proportion and beauty. The terracotta floors hold the Durmast Barrels. Durmast oak is the finest, it is tough like rock and precious like gold, holding our fine red wines until they are aged to perfection.

At the centre of the cellar is a grand spiral staircase, upstairs is a winemaking paradise, light and airy and with the four iconic vines of Piedmont’s traditional varieties; Nebbiolo, Vespolina, Croatina and Uva Rara.

The Story

Gianni Martini is a forward-thinking visionary. He knew from the moment that Canti was born that the wines needed somewhere special and extraordinary for his beloved red wines to mature.

With this in mind, Gianni’s dream became a reality. In 2006 Magnificat was inaugurated, a spectacular and awe-inspiring building, an architecturally reimagined Aztec temple, a place to worship the wines held deep inside it.

Inside the cellar is a masterful blend of natural materials, with a colour palette to reflect the wine and the nature surrounding the building.


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