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Home / Canti Style / The essence of the style

The essence of the style


In CANTI the excellence of the wine melts with the style to create a world to taste with all the senses. A CANTI product is a small cosmos ready to open to let you experience a vibrant italian mood.

CANTI has always impressed with its style, which it has reinterpreted in numerous ways over the years. A touch of glam has always been present, but
in the last campaign, thanks to Eleonora Martini’s supremely personal touch, we have witnessed a true turn towards Hyper Fashion.



Through Eleonora’s styling studies at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni, the young president of Canti Vineyards has acquired specific competencies in the high fashion world alongside a keen eye that is able to see and create beauty in any circumstance

Eleonora has always been an aesthete, and she has been the driving force behind inspiring her father Gianni in giving CANTI an identity centered around style

The latest campaign is the fruit of her vision: wines become creators of a whole world, inspiring models to become actors on the stage of style and good taste.

The products’ personalities are the stars and they communicate through the masterful construction of unusual, biting, and inevitably beautiful images.

Thanks to Eleonora’s skills and vision, CANTI has found a new language: boldly fashionable, incredibly fresh and extraordinarily seductive.


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