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Fireworks for Canti launch in China


Last March will be remembered by many Chinese winelovers as a historical moment. It was then, in fact, that CANTI was at center stage for its magnificent launch party organised together with the new Chinese importer. The Chinese already knew the brand – present on the market since 2007 – however the collaboration with this new partner has marked a new beginning possessed of renewed enthusiasm.
Over 400 distributors from every corner of China came together in Putian for an event that lasted two days.
In order to enforce the brand’s positioning and its strong Italian values of quality, elegance class and style, nothing was left to chance.
An exclusive international location was setup with red carpet-worthy details. A two-meter tall diamonds logo was recreated in 3D, all the bottles and visuals were encased like true works of art, and a laser display welcomed visitors with a futuristic flair.
The stage was set with a show of musical entertainment and dance performances from different countries and continents. Maxi screens with touch capabilities displayed the CANTI world, and the golden doors of Imperial China opened at its passage. It was a celebration to remember that brought with it excellent results.

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