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Catarratto-Chardonnay Terre Siciliane I.G.T.

CATARRATTO-CHARDONNAY TERRE SICILIANE I.G.T. EXCELLENTWITH SEAFOOD, WHITE MEATS, PASTA OR CHEESE Grape variety: Cataratto, Chardonnay Type of Wine: Still white Appearance: Pale, lemon yellow Aroma: Mediterranean citrus fruits mingle effortlessly with ripe green apples with herbal notes Tasting Note: A smooth mouthfeel from the buttery Chardonnay mixed with the fresh acidity of Catarratto Alcohol level:...

Negroamaro Primitivo Puglia I.G.T.

NEGRAMARO PRIMITIVO PUGLIA I.G.T. IDEAL WITH RED MEATS, GAME OR CHEESE Grape variety: Negroamaro, Primitivo Type of Wine: Still red Appearance: Pale ruby red Aroma: Spicy nutmeg and cloves enhanced by the aroma of hedgerow blackberries Tasting Note: Smooth and delicate with nuanced flavours of scorched hillsides and hedgerow fruit. Well rounded tannins give a...

Zinfandel Rosé Puglia I.G.T.

ZINFANDEL ROSÉ PUGLIA I.G.T. PERFECT WITH FISH, SHELLFISH AND WHITE MEATS Grape variety: Primitivo Type of Wine: Still rosé Appearance: Vibrant flamingo pink Aroma: Cranberry and strawberry intermingle with citrus and ripe stone fruits Tasting Note: A taste explosion of candied fruit and cranberry melts into a smoky fresh well-rounded finish Alcohol level: 12% VOL...

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