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Vinitaly – The magic of Verona

22-25 MARCH

In Verona’s magical setting as the city of love, every year CANTI is presented through an installation that can only be described as a masterpiece. A true and proper building is erected in the name of style and elegance complete with wooden panelling, steel details and superior quality accents. Found therein the structure lives style in its purest essence. The decor is luxurious and crafted by a great fashion and lifestyle brand specifically for the event. Suffice to say, the armchairs found in the upper level are faceted like diamonds, and the tables and furnishings dressed in crocodile leathers. The four meeting rooms host a number of meetings for guests that are then treated to the masterful artistry of two Michelin starred Chef Maurilio Garola, of “La ciau del Tornavento” restaurant fame. Vinitaly with CANTI is a truly unique experience and represents the point of entry into a world of style and dolce vita. Unmissable…

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