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Harrods display and ADV

For CANTI, Harrods is not only a privileged location for its CANTI PROSECCO Bar concept store, but also a high-level media outlet through which to communicate, targeted as it is to a highly selected audience.
Print campaigns on Harrods’ internal magazines feature ever-changing subjects to stimulate and narrate all of CANTI Prosecco’s traits, ideal partner for any occasion. Advertising spots in Harrods’ video circuits and print signage complete a communication campaign that is present any time there is an opportunity to reach out to the public with CANTI’s Italian allure.

Cover family simple magazine

Gianni and Eleonora Martini believe in beauty and do everything they can to always introduce it in CANTI’s wines, from the masterful harmony of the aromas to the sophisticated design of labels and bottles. It is this love of beauty that has guided CANTI, placing it at the very top in all the countries it has seduced, but also bringing the Martini family on the cover of the glossy Russian magazine Simple Wine Mag. The magazine dedicated to Gianni and Eleonora its March cover with an exclusive piece enriched by beautiful photography. An unusual placement for the Martini family that is generally more involved in creating successful products and imagery, but surely a successful one.

China billboard and lightboxes

The CANTI style needs to show itself, and urban settings are its natural location. Chinese metropolises see thousands of people move every day and are the perfect stage to showcase Italian style. In many cities lightboxes and billboards have been placed in strategic high-passage areas to quickly synthesise for passersby CANTI’s image. Style of any street!

ADV international

The latest CANTI press campaign reminds us to the fashion world, designed by different approaches. The cartoon style is much more fresh and fun and blinks us an eye playing with our senses. The C of the logo plays a great role becaming the dress texture of our fancy Canti woman.
Then comes the “Venice” Campaign, linked with the UK Commercial, giving the italian touch to a romantic London sight. This italian atmosphere has been used also to develop the CANTI ASTI DOCG Millesimato Christmas campaign to bring a little magic for the season’s greetings.


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